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Olly Goddard

Head Coach

Olly Goddard

Olly is an experienced and dedicated trainer as well as being an actively competing CrossFit athlete who has worked with people of all ability levels from Ice Hockey players to Office workers. Olly believes that, to be effective in the long term, a fitness program has to be fun, creative and enjoyable. Olly cares deeply about his athletes and it is his fundamental belief that CrossFit should be MUCH more than just a workout that you do most days a week. It runs much deeper than that!

The CrossFit program is universally scalable, making it the perfect application for any committed individual. A foundational cornerstone of the CrossFit training methodology is to measurably improves athletic performance in every general physical skill. For those with specific sports development goals, custom programs can be tailored to any requirement.

 Available for Personal Training & Group Classes.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Premier Level 3 Personal Trainer, NASM CPT, Blauer Tactical PDR Fundamentals Coach, CrossFit Football Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Trainer, BSc (Hons) Planning & Development, Premier Sports Conditioning Coach, USA Weightlifting Referee, USAW Level 2 (Course Completed, Test Passed).


E-mail: olly@crossfitfenrir.com

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Anitra Goddard

Personal Trainer/Paleo Nutrition Coach

Anitra is a nutritionist based in Lakeland and Brandon, Florida. She is also a qualified personal trainer who has rediscovered her passion for fitness as an adult having undergone a dramatic improvement in body composition in which she lost over 50lbs! Anitra is an enthusiastic CrossFitter with a warm personality and is always eager to welcome newbies into the gym. She has a burning passion for helping people improve their fitness and body composition as well as confidence, self-esteem, motivation and overall quality of life with a focus on Paleo Nutrition. She coordinates & runs Paleo Challenges. She can give your atheletes the proper support, materials, motivation and accountablity to ensure their Paleo Challenge success!

Available for Personal Training, Group Classes & Nutrition Consultation.

Certified Personal Trainer, USAW Level 1.

Email: Anitra@crossfitfenrir.com

Phone: (813) 597-7978

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